Laser Profiling

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Laser cutting has many advantages over other manufacturing processes:

  • Machining can be eliminated - with tolerances of typically 0.25mm (0.01") profiles can be laser cut to finished sizes;
  • No tooling - laser profiling uses "soft tooling", that is, they are all programmed. This means that there is no additional cost for tooling; no tool changing; no wear on tools; design changes can be implemented within minutes;
  • Less material wastage - with very small cutting width and heat affected zone, parts can be nested close together;
  • Any batch size - equally suited for producing one-off prototypes/samples and production runs.


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We fabricate laser cut parts, sub-assemblies and complete assemblies of any size:

  • Assemblies & sub-assemblies for engineering, manufacturing & architectural sectors;
  • Manufacturing & process jigs - e.g., robotic painting spraying lines, etc.;
  • Suspended work platforms, walkways, ventilation ducting, conveyor systems, etc.;
  • Work tables & trolleys, tipping skips, stillages, forklift attachments, tanks & vessels;
  • On site maintenance & repairs.


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Following the laser profiling and cutting process, we can machine parts and sub-assemblies:

  • Prototypes, one-off parts, repeat batches;
  • Specialist fixings, bolts, nuts, bosses;
  • High capacity turning with bar-feed technology;
  • CNC machining from 3D models from drawings and samples.

Bending & Forming

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We bend, form & roll:

  • Receiving parts directly from our laser profiling and cutting process reduces handling & shipping;
  • Parts can be bent to suit our fabrication processes.


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We carry out installations and repair work on site:

  • We work weekends & shutdowns;
  • Parts required are manufactured in-house.


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