New Laser Installation Update

Our state of the art Bystronic fibre laser is currently being installed on site.


Mtechnic Announce Purchase of Bystronic Fibre Laser

Mtechnic are in the process of buying a Bystronic Bysprint Fiber 3015 Fiber 6000 laser. This, the most powerful laser in the UK, will be installed early next year.

The laser will be capable of cutting:

  • Mild steel - 30mm;
  • Stainless steel - 30mm;
  • Aluminium - 30mm;
  • Brass - 15mm;
  • Copper - 12mm.


Tel: 0191 536 7055

Fax: 0191 536 6155



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  • Increased Laser Capabilities Bystronic Bysprint Fiber 3015; Fiber 6000
  • Improved CNC Machining Dedicated CAD/CAM CNC programmer and engineer now on staff.
  • Robotic Paint Spraying Industries Supplied Paint spraying booths built and installed. Jigs designed and fabricated.